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Creating Christmas Traditions

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Creating Christmas Traditions

I love everything about the Christmas season—the lights, the sounds, the food and holiday cheer! Even though our holiday traditions evolve throughout the stages of life, I still welcome the season with the excitement and anticipation I had as a little girl.

Our annual decorating plan always started with the mandate from my mother to clean the house and wash all the windows (inside and out) with vinegar and water (it was hard no to windex for my Mama)! We always had an artificial tree (even a silver foil one illuminated by colored rotating light)—if you know you know 😂 🎄 😂 Me and my siblings would bicker over where to put the ornaments and whether to add tinsel or not. There were twisted strands of multi-colored lights, with huge bulbs those plastic candelabras (also with multi-colored bulbs) in every window 🕯 🕯 🕯 And don't let one of those bulbs blow out 😳 We stayed running to the hardware store getting replacement bulbs 🤣

Every year I wanted one of those Hallmark keepsake ornaments from the commercials to put on the tree--Santa never did bring me one. Until I started my own holiday traditions with my family. Unlike me, my husband's family always had live trees and after my first year with a live tree I was hooked. That became one of our traditions until a few years ago. We became empty-nesters, adopted a cat--now we celebrate with an artificial tree. Typically, blinking white lights are a staple on our tree and depending on how busy life got, we've been known to skip the window washing part completely 😉

I did finally get some of those keepsake ornaments I longed for as a kid. When our son was growing up, he always got a personalized ornament every year. There was always an ornament to mark his age and whatever activity he participated in that year. There was the ski and boots one 🎿 for my husband and one to mark the year we moved into our new home 🏡 We even have a collection of ornaments from the places we’ve traveled to, as well as a collection of angel ornaments. Yes, there are storage bins full of all kinds of ornaments and now I make them too 🥰

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? Do you have a collection of ornaments/decorations? Do you buy new decorations every year?

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